Sunday, January 02, 2011

Remembering Christmas Past

Christmas of 2010 is now past and mostly gone with just a few  decorations and lights remaining to be taken down and stored away.  Maybe to morrow will be a good day for that but not today.  Today for some reason I am thinking of Christmases long ago in my early childhood.  How little we received in comparison to what out children and grandchildren get today.  Today's Christmas trees cannot cover half the gifts spread under and around them.  As kids were were happy to get a cap-pistol and holster or, if a girl, a dolly that cried or said "Mama."

The first Christmas that I have any remembrance of I must have been only three or four years old.  I recall having two wind-up toys - a Dumbo Elephant which would spring up and turn over in the air and a Pluto dog which would run around a table top without falling off.  That might have been my best Christmas ever.  Sure wouldn't compare to a Wii, Playstation or other toys and gadgets of today.

It didn't take much to make a poor boy happy back in those days.  Come to think of it, it doesn't take much to make me happy today, either.

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