Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time for lunch

This cracked me up. Two people who appear to be homeless are passed out against a police car while the officer has his lunch on the hood of the car on the other side. Posted by Picasa

Another FEMA costume

Here is another FEMA related costurme. Posted by Picasa

Balcony on Bourbon Street

The balconies on Bourbon Street were filled up as usual. Posted by Picasa

One of many FEMA related costumes

Caught up in red tape was just one of many Katrina and FEMA related costumrs. Posted by Picasa

On Channel 6, WDSU

We were interviewed on Channels 4, 6, and 9. Here we are as we are being interviewed on Channel 6. Posted by Picasa

The Easter Bunny was there.

The Easter Bunny was there as always. Posted by Picasa

David and Kristin

On the ferry we ran into old friends from the railroad, David Stanton and Kristin Lucas. They were supposed to get back up with us later but we never conected. Posted by Picasa

The Revelers prepare to depart

Here we are ready to head out on Mrdi Gras morning. Posted by Picasa