Monday, July 07, 2008

Great Great Grandma

On June 6th, Mom celebrated her 88th birthday. On June 7th, we had our little family reunion. Here is a photo of her with her newest (at the time) great-great grandchild, Dustin Wagers' son whose name is Noah. Cute little booger, ain't he?
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Abbi's Wedding Dress

Abbigale, strange but wonderful little child that she is, saw and fell in love with an antique wedding dress in a shop in New Roads. She saved her money and kept her eye on her prize until it went on sale == then she pounced.

Here are several photos of her showing off her wedding dress. Now, if she doesn't grow too much in the next ten years or so, everything will work out just fine.

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Happy Birthday

Since Betty was not going to be home for her birthday on June 1, the girls made her a birthday cake and surprised her while we were there. the cake was goo, too.
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Dance Recital

Savannah and Abbigale were in a dance recital West Feleicana Parish. Betty and I attended but they would not allow photos to be taken during the recital so I got none of the girls in their dancing togs. Here is a photo fo them with their mother and Gram prior to leaving. they all look GOOD, no?
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Humming Birds - NOT!

On May 23, I saw what I believe to be a pair of house finches feeding at the humming bird feeder and later at the bird seed feeeder. This was the first time I had seen this kind of bird and I did not know what kind of bird they were so I posted them on a forum I belong to almost immediately got an identification. It seems like the only birds we see are the humming birds, wrens or sparrows, doves, mocking birds and cow birds.
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Lake Ponchartrain

Lake Ponchartrain is making a comeback. There has been a lot of work done to the park to repair the damage done by Hurricane Katrina. On May 18, Betty, Tom and I went out to the lakefront for several hours juast to watch the boats and people. Sailbozats, motorboats and wave riders were all pretty active. There were also people fishing off the bank of the lake and just enjoying the nice weather.
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Mothers' Day 2008

Mothers' Day at Kristen and Barry's. Betty shares her card with Jennie and Ms. Pat.

Kristen tries to find out just what is burried inside of this large, gift wrapped box.

There are two kinds of mothers we've been told. Anybody want to mother a large chubby Tom? What's Jennie doing?

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Barry Nicholson gets a Belt

On April 2, 2008, Barry advanced in Karate from a red belt to a black and white belt on his way to becoming martial arts maiming machine.
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Crawfish Festival in Chalmette

There was a Crawfish Festival in Chalmette and, of course, we had to attend. There were several excellant crawfish dishes to eat. Of course, there was also music and dancing. Not everyone, however, has the proper attire for the occasion.
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Easter Eggs

Saturday evening before Easter Sunday, we had dinner with Barry, Kristena dn Jenny at Tony Angelo's Restaurant in Metairie. Very, very good.

Afterwards, Jenny helped Barry and Kristen decorate Easter eggs.

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The Top of the Capitol Building

Bobby Jindal's new home, the governor's manson, as seen from the obwservation of the Louisiana State Capitol Building. There are several telescopes which can be used to observe the area around Baton Rouge.
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Riding the Tiger

Abbigale sits astride the sculpture of Mike the tiger at LSU's stadium while Kim and Savannah assist her.
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How Bright are LSU Fans?

We stopped at LSU to see Mike the tiger and found a typical LSU fan.

OK, let's see. the sign says no pets allowed in the tiger habitat area. So, what is this LSU tigger fan holding in her arms? Lunch?
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Abbigale's First Communion

March 8, 2008, Abbigale made her first communion. Here are pictures of her with her mother; with Gram Betty and me; in front of the church; and in the reception hall after the services.

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