Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Barry enjoys a well earned beer and rest after putting up our new Sunsetter retractable awning on March 17.

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Great Aunt Pearl

Ronda and Kim give their great-aunt the ride of her life after the parade passed. I think Pearl was enjoying it whole heartedly.

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Kristen and Jennie

Kristen took off work a little early and joined everyone at the parade. Here she is holding Jennie.
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Flying Cabbages

Keep your eyes open and be on the look out for flying cabbages, potatoes, carrots, banannas, garlic, onions and other vegetables and fruits at this parade. they also threw out some kitchen utinsils such as thongs, measuring cups, etc.
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Parade time

March 11, 2007,itn was off to Chalmette for the Irish/Italian/Islenos parade - quie a combination of ethnicities. Here are the twins, Abbid and her cousin, Paxton. In the second photo, they are joined by Barry and Jennie. In the third phto, Ronda joins in with them.
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SS New Orleans

The SS New Orleans had jsut been comissioned and was in the harbor waiting to go to San Diego (I think) the be fully outfitted. The ship was open for tours but we decided the lines and the wait was too long to try it.

The ship was protected by armed sailors in these little rafts or dingies or what ever they are called. There were fairly well armed In the third photo you can see a sailor and his peers peering under the pier. (I'm sorry, but I just had to do that.)
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Running around the fountain

The three younger girls grew tired of shopping so I went with them across from the market to a small park with a non-functioning fountain. The girls ran around and around it until the poor man in the safron turban evidently could take it no more and left. I hope they didn't interupt his meditation.
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The French Market

Next stop was the French Market where the girls did some seriious shopping. Well, at least Hannah was serious. I'm not sure about the others.
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Beignets at the Cafe Du Mond

Of course we went to the Cafe DuMond for donuts and coffee and hot chocolate, etc.
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Street Magician

The girls found a magician performing on Royal Street. Lexi was called out and was givenm a balloon heart. I tlast about 45 minutes.
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Betty's drink

Betty had her Diet Coke and kept her eyes on the girls - kind of a full time job with all of them.
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The Absinthe House

It was a really nice day but a little warm. Kim found a little bar (surprise, surprise) and we stopped for a Diet Coke. Kim had never had absinthe before so she ordered one for her and one for me. Not bad if you like licorice. The people who ran this little bar were extremely nice and let the girls use the rest room. I suppose people staart looking like the poster at the bottom if you drink too many of those absinthes.
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Street Performers

While in the French Quarter, we stopped and watched some street performers by the Moonwalk across from Jackson Square. Here are Abbigale, Alexus and Alexandra. Kim and Betty are standing in the back. Savannah and Hannah were sitting in front of the others.
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I lost my MIND

On March 10, 2007, I must have lost my mind because I agreed to go to the French Quarter with - now get this - three eight-year-olds, two twelve-year-olds and two supposedly fully adult and rational females. Here they are walking along the Mississippi River. Am I nusts or what?
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Sandy and Paul visit

Betty's cousin Sandy and her husband Paul paid a visit to the New Orleans area the last week in February. On March 1, 2007, we got together with them and Kristen's family. Surprise, surprise -- we went out to eat that evening. Wit us, it seems like everything revolves around eating.

The first picture is of Sandy and Paul at the Fairgrounds. Kristen arranged for us to have lunch in the clubhouse. While there, we all donated a little towards Kristen's retirement via paramutual wagering.

After the Fairgrounds, Sandy and Paul paid a visit to Betty the Trashlady at her office. We had a nice visit there and then drove around Chalmette until time to go meet with Kristen and Barry at Jack Dempsey's Restaurant.


Paul had a combo plate of fried shrimp and fried catfish with french fries. Very good.

Sandy had redfish stuffed with seafood. She said it was very good, too.
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