Friday, July 13, 2007

Lunch with the Proffitts

Uncle George's children treated Mom and me to lunch on June 6, Mom's 87th birthday. We met at Symme's Tavern on the Green and had a great time.

From left to right the people in the photo are: Joe and Gracie Goeble with grandson Cooper; m3, Mom, Roy, Rusty, Martha, Troy, Donna, Leonard, Jean and their grand-daughter, and Cathy, Rusty's wife.
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Even More More Random Photos

John, Rhonda's husband, father of Matthew, son-in-law of Naomie and Rickie.

What the heck is Carla doing? Marvin and Woody look on.

Marvin and me.

Marvin's real name is not Marvin. He is Harvey Robert Teague, III. He doesn't like to be called Marvin, so I call him Marvin. He's a good kid.
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More More Random Photos

Ayden Collins eating good in the neighborhood.

Brother-in-law Rick with Grand-niece Dawna Collins.

Jake, Matthew and Justin .

AB, grandfather of Jake and Justin above.
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More Random Photos

Matthew, Rhonda and John's .

Steve and Logan .

Satin and Carla, AB's wife and daughter.

Bobby, Sissy's husband, and his mother-in-law, Marie.
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Some Random Photos

Cousin Edith and Grand-daughter Kiera.

Woody's grand-daughter, Tiffany.

Carla and BJ (aka Marvin, aka Harvey).

Melanie, Brother-in-Law Steve and Logan.
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Activities at Reunion

Besides eating and drinking, the two things at which we all seem to excel , the family group also played BINGO for marvelous prizes.

There were also games of Cornhole, a game which has taken the area by storm. It is similar to horseshoes in that teams of two toss things for point. Each team has four bean-bags in a team color. Two oposing team members stand at each end of the court and alternate in tossing the bean bags at the board at the other end of the court. A bag in the hole counts as three points, on the board counts as one point. If each team makes a score on the board, they cancel each other. (Didn't explain tht very well but I hope you get the idea.)

We also celebrated Mom's 87th birthday. Her birthday is June 6 but we celebrate the first Saturday of June just to make it easy. She gets around pretty well for a person of her age.
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More Nephews

Here are three more nephesw who showed up for the family gathering.

No. 1 is Daniel, Mary's second to last son.

No. 2 is Chuck , Art's son.

No. 3 is Chuck, Marie's son with his girlfriend.
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No. 1, Cousin Roy Proffitt with Mom. Roy's father, George, was Mom's brother. Uncle George and Aunt Ellen had seven children.

No. 2, Cousin Edith wih her daughter-in-law, Candy. Edith's mother, Naomi, was Dad's sister. Edith is my eldest cousin on my father's side of the family.

No. 3, Cousin Gracie with her husban, Joe. Grace is Uncle George's daughter.
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A Dearth of Nieces

I have a dearth of nieces - only four. Here are some photos of them and others.

No. 1 shows Marie's daughter, Sissy (aka Naomi Sue, Princess), with her grandson, Logan. Logan is Marie's first great-grandchild.

No. 2 shows Art's daughter, Tricia, sitting next to her mother and staring off into space. Wonder what, if anything, is on her mind(?).

No. 3 is of Kristi and husband, Sean. Kristi is the daughter of Art and Linda and Mom's youngest grandchild. At the time of this photo, Kristi was pregnant with her first child, Caleb, who was born on July 11.

No. 4 is Naomi's daughter, Rhonda, calling BINGO at the reunion.

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Some Nephews

Here are some photos of four of my nephews at the reunion.

No. 1 blocking the door is AB's youngest, Jason Cathers. Handsome devil, isn't he? Jason has two sons.

No. 2 is AB's eldest, Wade with his wife Buffy. They have two sons, too.

3 is Mary's son Adam with his wife, Heather, and their son Ayden. Their second child is on the way and will be here before the end of summer.

No. 4 is Mary's son David and his wife Jenny. They have one daughter.

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Five Generations

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On June 2, 2007, we had our family reunion in Hamilton, Ohio. Mostly it is our immediate family - sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews and their respective spouses- but some times cousins from both sides also show up.

This is my mother with my sister Mary, her son Woody, his daughter Lesha and her children Johnathan and Tiffany representing five generations.

Elisa Tubbs, Attorney-at-Law

My old buddy Elisa graduated from LSU law school in May. The bar exam will be in the latter part of July. The ol' gal said she's going to have to buckle down and study hard so she can pass on the first try.

Her mother had a little party to celebrate the accomplishment. Here are a few photos.

1.) Husband Keith and Elisa with her new laptop case.

2.) Rusty and Jessamye, Elisa and Keith's daughter and son-in-law.

3.) Sue Badeaux, Elisa's proud mother.

4.) David, Elisa and Keith's son who was home on leave from the US Army at the time. He is probably back in Iraq now. Wish him luck.

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A Good Time was had by All

Just a few photos showing the folks enjoying Paxton's birthday celebration.

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