Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Kim and Abbigale Practice Softball

We made a little visit to the Guidrys. While there Kim helped Abbigale practice her tossing and catching with a soft ball. Check 'em out !

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Savannah Jane Comes to Visist

Savannah came and spent a few days with us. One day she, Tom and I went out to lunch in Gretna at The Common Grounds. BFT actually paid for lunch again.

As you can see from the next two pictures , BFT didn't pay without having severe separation pains.

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Fathers; Day at the Freeman's

We spent Fathers' Day at the Freeman's with Mary Jane, Randall, Jackie and Winston. I gave my camera to Tom and asked him to take photos. He didn't do worth a darn. Here are a few tht I took.

Barry and Jennie.

BFT kicked back and watching TV.

Mary Jane
Mary Jane running away from home.

Jackie and Winston making believe that they are grandparents.
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Old Air Force Buddy

On June 11, I stopped and visisted with Lonnie Kyle Anthony, an old Air Force buddy whom I had not seen since about 1970 . He lives in Valley Alabama, with his dog Pochahontas . Just after leaving him, my automobie engine sort of destroyed itself . I spent two wonderful nights in Opelika, Alabama. Betty's son-in-law, Brian, came and towed me home. I'm still trying to get my claim settled with the insurance company.
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Building an Amphitheater

James is building an amphitheater for a church in Corbin, Ky. I think he has a general plan but sort of makes it up as he goes along. So far (back in June, 2007), it's looking pretty good.
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Cookout at Adam and Heather's place

Adam and Heatehr had a cook out at their place in Jackson Coun ty, Ky. Here's Adam serving up some burgers.

Daniel and Matthew are in deep discussion while David and Vernon ponder the meaning of life.

Woody laughing at the world.
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Grandpa and Grandma Proffitt's Stones

Here is Grandpa Proffit's headstone back in place next to Grandma Proffitt's. It doesn't look too bad for all its wear and tear.
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Grandpa's Headstone, Part II

I'm going to have to learn to post these things in better order.

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Grandpa Proffitt's Headstone

Grandpa Proffitt's headstone was broken a acouple of years ago. Apparently a mowing machine had struck it and scored it and it broke along the score. I had asked the people at Bowlings Mortuary about fixing it but no one ever returned my call. James Robert and I went to the cemetary and piced up the stone and James went to work putting it back together. He measured nad marked the two sections and then drilled dorrespionding holes in each piece. He then cut a piece of rebar to fit into each hole. Then he used concrete patch and put the two pieces back together and strapped them over night until the patch set. The next day I took the stone back to the cemetary and put it back in place.

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Satin's Party, Part X

Jason and Threresa, loving couple.
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Satin's Party, Part IX

Woody looking for his new teenage wife. I think her name was Sarah but I'm probably wrong.
Jason in a "make Woody jealous" pose. It never seems to work.
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Satin's Party, Part VIII

Of course there was Corn Hole playing. AB checking out the board as one of Satin's classmates tosses.

Jason and Dingding Fox as Jason gets ready to toss a bag.

AB lets one go as Wade looks on in fear.
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Satin's Party, Part VII

Two beauty queens. All you have to do is encourage them just a little bit.

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