Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Visit With The Guidrys

After the football game, I spent the night in Oscar, La., with the Guidrys in their new home. Here are a couple pictures that were taken Saturday as I was getting ready to head for home. As always, I had a good time and enjoyed my time with them.

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Abbigale Greace -- Cheerleader/Dancer

On October 13, 2006 (Friday 13th --Oooooo) and about 120 other young girls got to participated in a half-time presentation at her school, False River Accademy. The little girls were great. The youngest were about age three. Here are a couple pictures of Abbi as she performs the routines. The quality of the photos is not the best but I think they show the enthusiasm of Abbi and the others.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Before and After

Here are a couple more pictures, one from about 46 years ago and one from last month. Look in the black and white picture and see if you can find the two people in the more recent color

Hint: The blond in the lower right of the black and white photo is not in the color photo.

The newer photo is of my old Air Force buddy, Carl William "Billy" Schunck, and me. (Thank God we have both managed to retain our young boyish figures!) Billy is retired from the Air Force and the USPS and lives in Indiana not too far from Hamilton, Ohio. The black and white photo was taken about 1960 when were stationed together at Rhine-Main AFB in Frankfort, Germany. The others in the picture are Bob Nicely and Don Clough.

Left click on the black and white to make it larger.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Woody's Pig Roast

Here is my nephew, Woody Collins, standing behind his smoker. Woody built this piece of equipment from cast off heating and airconditioning ducts, etc. The man is a genius. Who'd a thunk it?

Mmmmmmm. Roasting, smoking pork.

Cooking fresh vegetables in a garbage can. Woody put the vegetables in the new garbage can in layers with corn on the cob at the bottom and others according to how long it would take for them to cook with the steam generated from the fluid in the vegetables. Them briarhoppers are pretty smart.

A plate of food from the pig roast. It was GOOOOOD!
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Mary Jane's First Chicken Festival

Here is a picture of Mary Jane and me at the Chicken Festival. This was made just before the festival was shut down because of an approaching storm with winds of up to 40 m.p.h. It was reported that two possible tornados were seen in or near Pitsburg, Ky. Posted by Picasa

World Chicken Festival Washout

Well, this year the World Chicken Frestrival was pretty much a washout as far as my family is concerned. Mary Jane and her mother-in-law, Jackie, went for the first time. Thursday while we were traveling was fine. The weather was great. The same thing for Friday. It was beautiful. Then came Saturday morning. We all got ready for the parade and went to the festival site only to be told that the parade had been cancled because of the rain. So, we went to Woddy's for his pig roast, had a good time, and then came back to the festival later that afternoon. We were there for less than an hour when the day's festivities were called off because of an impending storm. We left and went back to our motel and did not return to the Chicken Festival. Here are several photos that were taken during our time there.

Mary Jane and Jackie inside the tent at the Sanders Stage waiting for the Colonel Sanders Look-Alike Contest to begin. It didn't, at least not that day. Don't know if they had it on Sunday.

One of the displayers at the festival was Windstream which, I believe, is some sort of telephone of communications company. Their bossman wanted a picture of me with the ladies. I obliged.

Marie's first greatgrandson, Logan Matthew, me and Carla. Sissy's daughter, Nancy, is the mother and father Sean is on duty in Iraq. Posted by Picasa