Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Having a Smoke In Albuquerque

Bobby, Sam and Lisa having a smoke outside the house in Albuquerque. They won't smoke in the house which is good for the boys.
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jack-O-Lanterns Made by Kids

Here are the results of the three boys' endeavors at carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. As Bobby said, they look like jack-o-lanterns made by three kids. Don't try to tell me that that boy isn't observant.

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Carving Jack-O-Lanterns

It was almost Halloween, so, of course, the boys had to make jack-o-lanterns. Here they are at work carving out the pumpkins.

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Sam and Christine

Bobby's friends and neighbors, Sam and Christine (Merick's parents) stopped by for a visit, pizza and some drinks. Sam had burned both of his hands when he grabbed up a flaming lamp and threw it out of his mother-in-law's house to keep it from setting the house on fire. He sustained first and second degree burns on both hands and missed a week of work. He is now the hero of the block.

Christine is a happy go lucky pregnant mom.

Here Christine feeds her hero, Sam, because he can't use his burned hands. Isn't she sweet?

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Playing Games in the Arcade

The boys each got a cup full of tokens and played games in the arcade. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. Morgan and Merick gathered a bunch of tickets and turned them in for some good old plastic "made in China" toys.

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At the Hinkle Family Center

Bobby and the boys wanted to go to the Hinkley Family Center in Albuquerque (well, the boys did, any way), so we got the boys and Morgan's friend Merick and went to have some fun. Here are three photos of the "boys" in the bumper boats. Merick was too short to ride by himself so Bobby "had to" drive for him. Hmmmmmm.

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Owen Lewis Wilson-Cathers

While In Albuquerque, I tried to get some photos of my grandson Owen, but it is hard to do because he is always mugging for the camera. Here are three that I got of him. He's a cute kid.

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Morgan Wade Wilson-Cathers

The last weekend in October I went to Albuquerque and visited with my son and his family. These photos are of my grandson Morgan. The first he is lying onthe floor watching TV as usual.

In this second photo, he is being a dork with his pajamas pulled up to his shoulders. Silly kid!

In this third picture, he is in the middle of the street being a boy and harassing his brother and the other kids in the neighborhood. I guess that is just being normal.

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