Friday, July 13, 2007

Activities at Reunion

Besides eating and drinking, the two things at which we all seem to excel , the family group also played BINGO for marvelous prizes.

There were also games of Cornhole, a game which has taken the area by storm. It is similar to horseshoes in that teams of two toss things for point. Each team has four bean-bags in a team color. Two oposing team members stand at each end of the court and alternate in tossing the bean bags at the board at the other end of the court. A bag in the hole counts as three points, on the board counts as one point. If each team makes a score on the board, they cancel each other. (Didn't explain tht very well but I hope you get the idea.)

We also celebrated Mom's 87th birthday. Her birthday is June 6 but we celebrate the first Saturday of June just to make it easy. She gets around pretty well for a person of her age.
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