Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Before and After

Here are a couple more pictures, one from about 46 years ago and one from last month. Look in the black and white picture and see if you can find the two people in the more recent color

Hint: The blond in the lower right of the black and white photo is not in the color photo.

The newer photo is of my old Air Force buddy, Carl William "Billy" Schunck, and me. (Thank God we have both managed to retain our young boyish figures!) Billy is retired from the Air Force and the USPS and lives in Indiana not too far from Hamilton, Ohio. The black and white photo was taken about 1960 when were stationed together at Rhine-Main AFB in Frankfort, Germany. The others in the picture are Bob Nicely and Don Clough.

Left click on the black and white to make it larger.

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danamyrl said...

it's pretty neat that you have managed to keep in touch with these guys!!